Monday, May 30, 2022

Mustard and Snow(y) and Wildflowers - 30 Year Old Snow(y) Thrives in the Mustard Fields of Briones Park in Contra Costa County, Eastbay, CA and More Mustard

Don't know if wild mustard flowers have had such an impact on the rest of America but they certainly have in Northern California and the Napa- Bay Area in particular.  Not many years ago Napa celebrated the bright yellowness , that has become a Napa tourist attraction in Spring, with the Mustard Festival where folks could taste different mustards paired with wines at various wineries and stores of Napa.. Though that tradition was disrupted even before covid,   there was a bumper crop of mustard in  2022 which  had one of the most spectacular viewings ever. And,   mustard can still be seen in places like Briones, below. But don't wait much longer as the heat's about to lay waste to what remains.



Snow(y) and Mustard, Hossmoor Ranch, Briones, CA 5-22
Snowy is a 30 year old Arab horse that seems to thrive in the prescence
of the yellowness. Watch him roll below.
Favorite part of Snowy's routine is to roll and clean himself off
 Snowy Up Close and Personal - Don't know if Mustard has any medicinal value,
but Snowy seems to enjoy walking amidst it, even now during its waning days of late Spring.

More mustard 

Mustard decorates the hills near Alhambra and Bear Creek Rd

Just outside of Hossmoor is the Perreira Trail head with miles of open trail and little competition, other than cows. 

Where Old Cars Go to... with the mustard

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