Bay Area Backroads

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

while waiting for my EV to Orland, CA 8-28-23

ORLAND charge to get me home. Also stopped in Williams and Willows on way up for more charging but did NOT stop at my old favorite, The Olive Pit in Corning-insider joke explained at end...
Talk about little houses.
Hot spot in town following closing of the Hive
Not-so-farel cats like these abandoned by owners. At least these appear well fed.

old Berry patch aka Blue Plate Specials

an hour later. I'm ready to Move on
-hopefully be home by 10 pm, which I was.

Insider: Olive Pit used to be my favorite stop in NorCal but since I bit into a misplaced Olive Pit at whole foods last Wednesday causing great pain to this day I purposely avoided it

Zack gave me an equal reason...keeping him alive and happy and now that's  er-a key purpsose in my life. Will have to find a new one(s)
 after a decade looking after zack

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